Carpet Cleaning Slough

Carpet Cleaning Slough

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Our Services

We can offer you the highest grade professional services, using high-grade eco-friendly chemicals and machines. And all that at unbeatable prices.
Carpets and Rugs
In-depth steam cleaning for complete removal of all microbes and dust. Our recommendation is to steam wash your rugs and carpets twice a year if you want to keep them fresh looking as long as possible.
Sofa and Upholstery
Professional deep wash for your upholstered pieces of furniture. Our professional teams will decide at arrival whether you furniture piece can be cleaned right away, or needs to be delivered to our professional wash.
Mattress Cleaning
Mattresses are the most important part of our beds. However, they are particularly susceptible to dust which, if accumulated in too large quantities, can be harmful to the health. Don’t let this happen and trust us with the deep cleaning of your mattresses!
Curtain Cleaning
Just as any textile product, whether in our wardrobe, or elsewhere in our house, curtains should get washed regularly, if we want to keep them dust- and grime-free. If you find the curtain washing chores too time-consuming and tedious, we will be glad to assist you with this chore at any time that is convenient to you.


At Carpet Cleaning Slough, we strive to offer cleaning services of highest quality, both to private and business clients. Our company has been able to establish its good name during our yearlong practice, thanks to the tireless efforts of our wonderful and friendly, highly trained professionals. We provide one-off cleaning, as well as regular basis options, be it a domestic or office space cleaning.

Our efforts are aimed at the development of Carpet Cleaning Slough, by attracting new customers and the conclusion of long-term contracts in the area of Slough. We achieve this by organizing and providing impeccable cleaning services, with the help of an innovative technique and cleaning products supplied by leading manufacturers in the industry. In addition to keeping our teams of professionals up to date to the newest standards of the branch, our company has been using only eco-friendly detergents, with the necessary certificates for perfect quality. Thanks to the mobility of our teams, all of our subscribed clients can rely on our rapid response.

What You Can Expect from Us

Carpet Cleaning SloughAs the leading cleaning company in Slough, at Carpet Cleaning Slough we promise professionalism, high quality and plenty of experience! You can rely on this if you decide to book us for any of our services.

If we have been able to assure you of the high quality work we provide, we will be happy to assist you further with a booking of an appointment that will suit your schedule or at least provide you with a free price quote, adjusted to your needs and wishes.

Don’t waste any precious time, contact us via phone, e-mail or the contact form on the site.

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The prices listed on this page are final, unless a special deal is currently active when you make the booking. Extra costs can only occur for One-off projects, Spring Cleaning for example, and they are only calculated for the used cleaning agents. Below are the minimum starting prices for all of our steam cleaning services: