Curtain Cleaning

Your curtains are just one call away from getting a truly royal treatment. We offer some of the most efficient curtain cleaning services in Slough. Our competent and polite cleaners will take a really good care of your curtains and they will make a special effort to meet your needs and budget.

On-the-spot and fast cleaning

Curtain-Cleaning-Carpet-Cleaning-SloughSo, what you can expect to receive when you book us is exceptional convenience and a great time-efficiency. We have adopted some of the most advanced cleaning techniques which is why we can sanitise your curtains right there in your home or office, without even having to unhang them. That makes the whole cleaning process very speedy. If you have children or domestic animals, you won’t need to send them away to a friend’s or a relative’s house when our friendly staff arrives at your home. Our cleaning supplies are very green and they are free of aggressive chemicals which makes our effective cleaning of curtains in Slough quite safe.

So how much will you have to spend to enjoy such an excellent quality? Not much actually! We have an honest pricing policy and we try to keep our prices competitive and reasonable. Just to give you an idea of how affordable our rates are we will now share with you that the cleaning of a pair of full-length curtains is available for just £23. A pair of half-length curtains, on the other hand, comes at a price of barely £17.

Skilled curtain cleaning specialists

We employ a dedicated team of cleaning technicians who have been trained to sanitise and maintain curtains of all types. Our staff is experienced and certified and can clean curtains of various fabrics, including polyester, silk, cotton, velvet and lace curtains. We have handpicked and checked each of our trustworthy pros.

The importance of keeping your curtains clean

Did you know that your curtains absorb all kinds of smells, dirt, allergens and microorganisms? This is why, when they are not thoroughly and frequently cleaned, your curtains can be dangerous for your health. That is even riskier if you live near the sea, if you smoke inside the property or if you suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses. We advise our customers to use reliable curtain steam cleaning services in Slough at least once every three months. Aside from the obvious health benefits, hiring a team of vetted cleaners will enable you to maintain your curtains in a close-to-new condition for a long time. If that sounds like a great deal to you, call us.