Mattress Cleaning

If you are struggling to sleep at night for no obvious reason, you should hire a professional team of mattress cleaners. We’ll provide the best and greenest mattress cleaning service and we promise that once we finish sanitising your bedding, you will feel as if we have brought a brand-new mattress into your home.


Chemical-free mattress cleaning

Mattress-Cleaning-Carpet-Cleaning-SloughWe have hired some of the most skilled and qualified cleaning technicians in Slough and that is why we don’t need to use aggressive chemicals to make your mattress look and smell good. Our convenient cleaning service relies entirely on eco-friendly and safe cleaning products. That is why we guarantee that our techniques will not harm the health of your pets and children. Our diligent and trustworthy team of cleaners is perfectly familiar with the industry’s standards. As a result, you will receive nothing but first-class quality and incredible efficiency.

Our fast service offers another amazing and much-appreciated advantage – affordability. We have some of the lowest mattress cleaning rates in this part of England. We charge barely £16 per a single mattress. If you book us to deep clean king size mattress, you will only have to pay £48. Hire our dedicated staff to sanitise more than three mattresses and you will get 10% off the final price.

Benefits of having your mattress professionally cleaned

We tend to spend an average of over 200 hours per month in our beds and that is a fair enough reason to deep clean your mattress at least once every six months. If you are letting your dog or cat sleep in your bed, you should consider doing that even on a more regular basis. The more you use your mattress the more hair, perspiration, dust and dead skin particles will cover its surface. Therefore, by using our mattress cleaning service you will become less likely to develop allergies and you may even boost your immune system since it will no longer be under constant attack of the health-threatening bacteria, allergens, as well as microorganisms.

Another reason to hire our punctual and polite cleaners is that they have the ability to prolong the life of your mattresses. That is because the best and most effective way to maintain a mattress is by cleaning it meticulously and properly.

We have a solution for all types of mattresses

We deal with all kinds and models, including innerspring, memory foam, natural fibre, hybrid and latex mattresses. Hire us and enjoy only excellent quality.